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What Does Genetic Counseling Involve?

Genetic counselors ask about your family health history, discuss genetic risks and testing options and support you

What can you expect when you first meet with a genetic counselor? You should anticipate an informative and thoughtful conversation that often lasts 30 minutes to an hour or longer. Your genetic counselor will:

  • Explore your family health history
  • Discuss the reason for the referral
  • Talk about decisions that may need to be made
  • Help you understand what tests are available, what those tests may show, and provide guidance to help you decide whether testing is something you would like to pursue
  • Provide guidance and emotional and support as you decide what to do

Learn more about what genetic counselors do and what happens during a visit.

Not only are you welcome to bring someone with you – whether a spouse, a family member or a
friend – it is encouraged. It’s always helpful to have someone else who can listen, take notes and ask questions you might not think of.

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