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How Do I Understand My Test Results?

Genetic test results are complicated, but a genetic counselor can help you understand them

What does a positive result mean? What does a negative result mean? What does an inconclusive result mean?

If you receive a positive result from a genetic test, it means a genetic mutation was found. The genetic counselor will explain what that means to you and your family, and how you might proceed with that information. In some cases, a genetic mutation may be found that is not harmful, or will not affect you. If the result is negative, it means no genetic mutation was found.

In some cases, results are not clear – they’re inconclusive. That could mean a genetic mutation was found but because science doesn’t know everything about every genetic variant, it’s unclear what that may mean. In other cases, it means an expected genetic mutation was not found, but a different mutation may exist in genes that were not tested.

There are so many variations, and everyone is different. A genetic counselor can help you sort it out.

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